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From the desk of Craig Perrine
Austin, Texas

Dear Friend,

It hit me when I woke up Valentines Day morning. I hadn't made a card for my wife yet. Which wasn't good, because she made a beautiful card for me (see below).

Here is the card my wife, Austin artist Aimee Perrine, hand painted for me and our close friends and family that inspired me to do this World Love Survey

See, I'm not an artist... yet I want to give her something wonderful, too.

So I immediately thought that since I'm a writer at heart, I'd do a poem.

I started thinking about a few lines... and I came up with a river metaphor... where all rivers lead to the sea and love is like a river. I wasn't sure about exactly what to do with that idea because I may be a writer, but I'm not a poet.

As I tried to find the exact words... my mind wandered and I wanted to come up with something that defined love itself.

Not so easy.

What is love? That is an eternal question that humanity has wrestled with since the dawn of time.

What are the odds that I'll figure out the answer to What Love Is before I have Valentines Day dinner with my wife?

My chances aren't good, I imagine.

Then I remembered a great book I read recently called, "The Wisdom of Crowds", by James Surowiecki.

He makes a strong case that when you ask a crowd of people to answer a specific question... the answer they come up with is often better than what even the smartest person in the group could come up with on their own.

Call it the collective wisdom of people.

And that's when I got a crazy idea. What if I surveyed the world to find out what love is?

The world is the ultimate crowd... and with the power of the Media and the Internet, I think there has got to be a way to find out the answer to what love is in 2006!

Wouldn't YOU like to know the answer
to the eternal question: What IS love?

So I talked to my friend and author of The Attractor Factor, Dr. Joe Vitale, what he thought of my crazy idea.

He loved it... and suggested I ask everyone to ponder the meaning of love over dinner tonight for Valentines Day.

Sounds good to me... if enough people participate, we should get the answer. You and I can both find out the worlds answer to 'What Love Is'.

Then... I had to figure out a way to collect everyone's responses.

Well, I happen to know about a way to do just that. Some genius friends of mine came up with an online survey database program that can actually collect and pull together all the answers that I get at the form below.

Not only that, but this database allows me to then pull out THE ANSWER from all the survey responses.

So I've put a small form below where you can tell me what YOU think love is...

I did a press release and spread the word about this survey.

Over 12,000 people read the press release and came to this site so far... and we have tons of submissions for the first ever world love survey.

Aimee and I thought that was a powerful Valentines Day gift. After all, on a day when chocolate and greeting card sales go through the roof, bombs are falling elsewhere around the globe and frightening headlines often dominate world news.

It seems now more than ever we all could benefit from knowing the true meaning of the word ... love.

In the following days we've received a massive number of replies and we're reading every single answer.

(I hope you'll help me spread the word about this site... tell your friends and family, OK?)

Now, I bet you want to know the answer as much as I do. So I came up with a way for me to keep in touch and tell you when we release the results of this World Love Survey.

All you have to do is AFTER you submit your answer (below) you'll automatically go to a special page where you can securely Enter in your first name and your best email address. Then you'll be able to find out the ANSWER when the results come in.

Don't worry... I hate spam and won't share your email or name with ANYONE for any reason. This your answer and your information is 100% private.

Remember, below type in your definition of what love is...

Type Your Answer In Here...

Thank you for helping us find the answer !

Craig Perrine